Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Pinhole and Film

Car Pinhole

A friend just told me on twitter that its my age, it could possibly be. But I must admit to a love of images taken on film. Be it the old grainy Tri-x or the Kodak colour I grew up with I have never lost the enjoyment of seeing and holding a "real" photograph.

Pin Hole Boat

Hera are a few of my latest images taken on projects were pinhole cameras and cheap plastic lenses are the key ingredient. Its great to get away from the how many pixel and JPG v Raw debate once in a while and concentrate on the image.

Formby Point Pinhole

Pin Hole Boat 2

I am finding the art market is very keen on this type of image and for me its great to be able to go out with a cheap film camera or a pinhole converted lens cap once in a while and just look for images, without the massive photo pack, tripods and hi Res camera backs.

Lock Pinhole

My latest projects are using more and more film in various ways and I seem to be spending a lot of time on eBay looking for suitable cheap cameras. In fact I have just purchased a 1970s Olympus Trip (it cost less than a decent haircut) and I am looking at the possibility of building a view camera to use as my main pinhole film camera.

Liver Building Pinhole 2

Liver Building Pinhole 2

Its great to work on new and interesting projects and find new ways to capture images. There is a great article in this months Advanced Photographer Magazine about this very subject. Its a great read with some fantastic images. If you get chance grab a copy.

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