Monday, 14 March 2011

Formby Point & Southport Pier

On another landscape trip this time a one 2 one landscape course with a new training client who had requested some photography tuition on his home patch. My client Tim, wanted to look at long exposure photography and also dusk and sunset images which had been causing him some problems in the past.

Lone Tree Formby Point

Once again the light and weather conditions were not playing ball and in many ways were not ideal for long exposure images early in the day. It was in fact a fantastic sunny and warm spring day with hardly a cloud in the sky.

We did manage some longish exposures using a full set of Lee ND filters and an fantastic little iPhone app which calculated our exposures for the 16stops of ND filters we used in a blink of an eye.So despite the lack of cloud or indeed wind we recorded the movement of the costal grasses to add more depth and interest to our images.

After a coffee break and some time to look at equipment and the best way to carry the tools of our trade, we made our way to Southport were the clear skies promised an interesting dusk shot of the fantastic pier.

Southport Pier at Dusk

Now with some new found skills with ND Grad filters and some refined exposure skills Tim was poised ready to capture the best of the dusk and sunset lighting.

Southport Pier at Dusk

All in all a really enjoyable day which produced some pleasing images for both Tim and myself. Its always interesting to look into the history of the subjects we photograph and I was amazed to find that Southport's stunning pier was only saved from demolition by a single vote when the Sefton Council wanted to pull it down....Simply beyond belief!!

Southport Pier at Dusk

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  1. Beautiful shots ... visited Formby a couple of days ago for the first time and was so gutted I didn't have a camera with - absolutely didn't expect to see what I did ! Your shots are stunning, I didn't get to see much sun or blue sky though... Amazing how much contrast the weather brings !