Sunday, 20 February 2011

Playing with Tilt and Shift Lenses

Winters Dawn

One of my favourite and most used lenses is the Nikkor 24mm F3.5 TSE. Whilst designed to enable perspective correction it also make a fantastic creative tool for some interesting photographic effects. These PC or Perspective Control lenses give a range of movements along the lines of those possible with many large format view cameras. This makes them invaluable for architectural and landscape photography

Over the past few months I have been using the lens to create some of my most popular art images. Here are a couple of examples of the things I have been doing with this amazing lens.

The technique is simple but it takes some practice to get the movement correct and in most cases a ND filter is required to get exposure times long enough to enable accurate and controlled movement. The choice of subject is also very important. Strong verticals play a big part in the success of these images.

In simple terms the lens axis is moved in a vertical or horizontal plane during the exposure.

Woodland Impression

Another really interesting effect which can be created using a tilt and shift lens is the impression of a miniature scene. The resulting image looks as if of a model. These images always remind me of my days helping my Dad build his model railway.

T&S Lens Tests

T&S Lens Tests

Not a lens I intend to purchase but very possibly a lens I will hire for shoots were its unique capabilities will enable image otherwise not possible.

T&S Lens Tests

In near future I hope to add the Nikkor 45mm F2.8 TSe lens to my camera bag. This lens will also give me a suitable focal length lens to apply the tilt shift facility to portrait images as well as landscapes. The portrait possibilities of the 45mm lens are really interesting me at the moment.

The next few images will give you some idea of the range of movements possible with these amazing lenses.

Whilst a dedicated user of the Nikon system one lens in the Canon range is of particular interest to me, and that is the 17mm TSe. I am at present looking at the possibility of using a canon/Nikon adapter which will give me access to the amazing creative and commercial possibilities of the fantastic lens.

Initial findings point to the Canon lens mount being much bigger than the Nikon mount so this may not be a possibility. There is however always the possibility of using a hire Canon body. It would hurt but in the interest of Art anything is possible.

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