Thursday, 10 February 2011

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I made the short trip up the M6 on Tuesday to Morecambe. I grew up in the small Lancashire town, its a place that often gets very negative press, in no small part it fell victim to some very poor TV comedians many years ago and the bad name has stayed with the seaside resort.

For me Morecambe has many things to offer not least its stunning Landscape. In my very early days of photography, I would spend countless hours trying to capture the magic of the bay. I have seen it in many moods, from calm and tranquil to very angry and powerful.

My first stop on the trip was to Sunderland Point. The point gets cut off twice every day by the fast rising tides of Morecambe Bay and consists of a few small houses a small number of fishing boats and very little else. However what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in beauty.


Not wanting to cut off by the tide, my time on Sunderland Point was restricted and whilst there the light was not at its best, so a few return trips will be needed to get the image I have in mind. I set off with the intention of capturing black and white images but I only shot colour on this trip.

Next I made the short drive to Morecambe itself and found a spot on the Bay that looked promising. Then knowing Morecambe Bay pretty well, it was a case of playing with viewpoints and waiting for the magical light, so often found in Morecambe to develop.

Nikkor 24-70mm F2.8 Lee Big Stopper

I was really pleased with the Images from the bay and I had the visual treat of one of Morecambe's famous sunsets.


Both images 24-70mm F2.8 Lee 0.9ND Grad

The lighting in all these images is totally natural very little post production was done on them. In the few hours I was on the beach the light changed from the most amazing blue and purple to a subtle pinky orange glow as the sun went down.

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  1. Wow! Beautiful images! I want to comment on them all! Keep up the outstanding work!