Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Canon's new 200-400mm F4 LIS Lens

Its not very often I post about Canon equipment on the blog, but most of my training clients use Canon gear and I know for a long time the Canon users have been desperate for a lens in the 200-400mm range.

Well the wait is nearly over. Yesterday Canon released the new 200-400mm F4.0 and as an added bonus the new lens features the addition of a 1.4x converter, which is activated by a small switch on the top of the lens barrel.

All in all it looks a fantastic lens and fills a massive gap in the Canon range. I know a number of wildlife photographers changed to Nikon simply because of the 200-400mm Lens.

I predict this will be a very popular lens and a great investment for the Canon shooter. Also released yesterday was information on upgrades to the 500mm and 600mm lenses which was expected after the design changes made to the 300 and 400mm lenses last year.

Looks like the constant leap frog tactics of Nikon and Canon is hotting up. There will In my opinion be a new pro Nikon body this year to replace the D3s and I think some new nikon lenses are on the horizon very soon. I just hope we see a Nikkor 17mm Tilt and shift!!

I guess you canin shooters need to start saving!!!

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