Monday, 18 October 2010

Some new gear arrived today.

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was in the process of re evaluating my equipment. For some time I have been using a Nikkor 500mm F4.0 lens for the majority of my wildlife work.However finding a need for the ability to capture wider, more environmental images combined with a strong emphasis on bird photography in the UK as opposed to extended foreign trips led me to look at the Nikkor 200-400mm F4 lens along with the 600mm F4 Nikkor, which would become a practical lens when working in the UK and able to escape airline weight restrictions to some degree.

So after much research and testing the two lenses were ordered. Both arrived today and have now been fitted with suitable Wimberly replacement lens plates.

I will be posting more information on these new lenses over the next few weeks, along with detailed information on new tripods and heads which have also been updated to cope with the new heavyweight lenses. In the meantime here are the two new lenses just out of the box!!!

New Long Glass

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