Saturday, 23 October 2010

Bird Feeders for Photography.


Whilst we all get drawn to rare and exotic wildlife, its really important to learn what is close to home. My back garden bird feeders are very busy at the moment and it makes the editing and admin work at the computer so much easier when I can sit with a 600mm focused on the seed logs.

Whilst most commercial bird feeders don't add to a photograph a simple home made seed log is a great addition. Simply find a suitable piece of old tree stump or branch, drill out some good sized holes and pack with suitable bird food. I tend to seal the bird seed in with lumps of fat. This makes the food that bit harder to get out, so the birds stick around that bit longer.

These logs can be positioned against a suitable background and even transported out into the field. The great thing with type of bird photography is you can do it anytime and you don't need massive long lenses. Its also amazing just how quickly the birds find the food, even in new locations.

If you decide to make a portable feeder log its a great idea to add an old tripod plate to the log. Then it can be mounted on any old tripod legs and positioned in the exact position you meed. They no time to make and will supply a source of endless images.


  1. Beautiful Shot. I don't see the bird Identified. What is it?

  2. Hi Gary, thanks for the kind comment. The bird is a Great Tit (parus major)