Monday, 4 October 2010

The Orangutan's Of Borneo


Some time ago Stephanie and myself visited Borneo to photograph the Orangutan. We had some amazing and life changing contact with these incredible creatures, both in the wild and at the Sepilok rehab centre.

This image has become possibly our most used photograph to date. I will never forget the emotion of being so close to "Noreen" as she is known with her then two year old baby "Natasha".

Now that wildlife photography is such a major part of our professional lives both Stephanie and myself feel we should help promote awareness of our endangered species both in the UK and overseas. To anybody who knows the two of us, it will come as no great surprise that we would choose to work with primate conservation. We will be doing anything we can to help raise awareness of the plight of these amazing animals.

Can I ask you take time to look at this website and consider becoming involved in some way.

All future sales of this and any of our other Orangutan images will be donated to help their conservation.

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